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CICP’s product line of gas analysis systems includes proprietary nickel-plated, stainless steel long path and short path gas cells for corrosive and toxic gas applications; aluminum body gas cells for general gas analysis; and the new IRGAS, SPGAS, and SpectraStream array of products for industry, environment, and government.


Product Family Features
Integrated Real-Time Gas Analysis Solution
Turnkey system, 5 to 10-ppb sensitivity, corrosive  toxic gas protection, measures almost all impurities in electronic specialty gases nickel-plated stainless steel with gold-coated stainless steel mirrors.
SPecialty Gas Analysis System and Management Software
Total hardware and software management, user friendly direct read-outs and alarms, unique multi-band and multi-component CLS technology, ppb sensitivity.
SPECTRASTREAM * Process control measures in seconds, not minutes/hours; both short-term and long-term monitoring, spectrometer drift correcting.
Self-Optimizing Specialty Gas Calibration Error Reduction Software
Comprehensive new quantitative analysis and system management software including enhanced modules for spectral collection, pic control, hardware control, quantification analysis engine, and reporting module.
Long Path Gas Cells
Nickel-plated stainless steel gas cells and mirrors for corrosive and toxic gases, high-energy throughput for high sensitivity (ppb) analyses, proprietary coated mirrors, high gas flow rates and rapid gas
Short Path Gas Cells
High-energy throughput for UV-IR applications, nickel-plated stainless steel for corrosives, fiber-optic couplings available.
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Despite the worldwide financial situation, there are four robust, primary industry markets for gas analysis instrumentation: chemical, semiconductor, environmental, and petroleum/natural gas. There are also market opportunities in solar, military/homeland security, pharma, and research. The largest industries and markets are in North America, Asia, and Europe – all served by CICP.
CICP reaches these markets with direct staff contact, an international network of sales representatives, and trade shows.
For example, one segment of CICP’s revenues is driven by the needs of the growing $200 billion semiconductor industry and by the associated demands of the electronic specialty gas chemical production industry that services the semiconductor manufacturers. Currently, the industries present a $75 million market opportunity for CICP. However, as more semiconductor manufacturers install dedicated facilities in house to address increasing purity requirements, CICP’s detailed estimates show that the emerging requirement for gas analysis systems to be installed will result in growth to $200-250 million through the next industry cycle.
Over the last 16 years, CICP has established itself as a leading supplier to the gas analysis markets by delivering superior tailored solutions and technical standards. Building upon their core competencies, CICP’s flagship product is the Integrated Real Time Gas Analysis Solution (IRGAS) line of gas analyzers. This FTIR line of gas analyzers is a system solution leveraging two proprietary technologies and a third private label component to achieve the needs of customers in the areas of detection, identification and measurement. The technologies include:
1.  CICP’s high end proprietary design and fabricated gas cell technology.
2.  Either of several brands of industry recognized, high-quality, private label spectrometers.
3.  CICP’s patent-protected spectroscopic analysis and process control software.
With appropriate accessories for the three components listed above, CICP can quickly and efficiently meet the needs of a broad range of gas analysis applications in the worldwide growth industries:
Industry Size CICP IRGAS Product Use
Semiconductor $200+ billion EPITORR Detection and measurement of wafer damaging impurities in the cleaning, etching and epi-treatment gases
Petroleum $1,000 Billion EP-IRGAS Analyzer Critical process optimization for fractionation towers; mudlogging
Chemical $113 Billion SUPR Analyzer Real-time assessments of the thermodynamics of new turbine engine technologies
Environmental $150 Billion EM and AMI Instruments Measuring the concentrations of emission polllutants and plant-air contaminants, respectively


CICP customers include at least three of the top ten producers in each respective segment. More than fifty percent are repeat customers due to CICP’s reputation as a quality manufacturer with great customer service. Since the top four industry markets total more than $1.4 billion, with an estimated sales cap for CICP’s market segment of more than $750 million, CICP envisions tremendous opportunities for continued growth based on CICP’s ability to win and retain customers.
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With two patents and two copyrights covering its gas cell and software products, CICP holds a strong proprietary position in the elements that are the heart of the IRGAS system. Specifically, CICP’s software is the most powerful and most comprehensive tool for spectroscopic chemical gas analysis on the market. As a result, CICP is able to provide superior detection of chemical concentration changes online within seconds (versus minutes) by utilizing a statistical technique, a weighted average, multiband, multivariate, classical least squares analysis. Furthermore, the trade secrets surrounding optical parameters for the gas cell mirrors, their reflective gold coatings and the critical alignment of those mirrors by CICP are essential to the company’s success in the marketplace.

CICP’s technology is further highlighted by the following key differentiators:
CICP Technology Attribute Being Measured Competitive Edge
Patented-protected Quantitative Gas Analysis System Spectral data analysis Increased analysis speeds (seconds versus minutes)
Proprietary Fabrication of Cells Energy throughputs Improved energy throughputs with percentages in the 40-60s versus the 15-20s of competitors
Specially Coated Cell Designs Product lifecycle Longer lifecycles multiples of competitors

Other key differentiators include:
*  Turnkey hardware and software;
*  Unique chemo-metrics;
*  Internal PNNL gas calibrations;
*  Proven high sensitivity long path gas cells;
*  Integrated, computer-controlled gas handling system;
*  Software that goes beyond data collection; and
*  Customization to customer demands.


CICP innovation is a fortuitous combination of customer demand and CICP’s corporate knowhow. Products like IRGAS systems, SPGAS and SpectraStream software confirm that CICP is the technical leader of the industry. Continuing its mission of providing instrumentation that offers customers a great combination of price and performance, CICP is currently developing new hardware and software products for introduction in late 2012. All research and development is done by the very talented CICP staff.


The experienced and committed technical team at CICP has worked together for ten years. Together they have filed a number of patents and won several industry awards. Key personnel include:
Richard T. Meyer, Ph.D. - CEO & President. Dr. Meyer has thirty years of technology management experience encompassing basic and applied research, technology management, and capital formation strategy. He has led CICP since its inception in 1994, transitioning it from an optical accessories company with a limited market to a complete solutions provider to a large and rapidly growing market.

Jorge E. Perez, MSEE
- COO and VP of R&D. Mr. Perez joined CICP in 1997. He developed the system management software for the IRGAS product, the SPGAS software package and the patented SpectraStream software, and our new patented Aria software.


CICP has been profitable for years. The elements in the cost of goods sold are under control. The balance sheet holds no surprises. Detailed financials are part of a formal disclosure.


CICP currently operates in leased office/light industrial space from Fair Plaza Associates in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The facility includes business offices, testing labs, production areas, inventory storage, shipping and receiving and a small machine shop. CICP has a first right of refusal on additional space in the building when it is needed.


CICP’s Albuquerque manufacturing unit purchases very high quality, custom parts from fabricators across the USA. Redundant suppliers are available. CICP tests, assembles, tests, calibrates, and then final tests the completed units. In November 2007, CICP qualified and received ISO 9001:2000 registration for its processes; in November 2009, the certification was enhanced to ISO 9001:2008. This certification applies to the quality processes CICP employs in production and management to meet customer requirements. The scope of the registration includes: The Design, Manufacture, and Integration of Chemical Instrumentation for Scientific and Industrial Applications.
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