Selected IRGAS SYSTEM Applications


  • Moisture Impurity measurements (ppb) in semi epitaxial treatment gases (DCS, GeH4, B2H6)
  • Semi epitaxial treatment gas concentration (ppm in H2) measurements
  • Moisture measurements in production of NH3 for LEDs
  • Analysis of performance lifetimes of chemical-agent loaded abatement tools
  • Analysis of moisture impurities in corrosive and toxic gases (HBr, HCl, etc.)
  • Comparison of moisture permeation rates through Kalrez and Chemraz O-rings


  • Moisture and Freon measurements in AHF
  • Monitoring of fuel production from petroleum at refinery plants
  • Measurement of impurities in the production of Silane
  • PPB purity monitoring of electronic specialty gas production and cylinder fillings
  • Monitoring ratios of important components of vapor phases of petroleum distillates in the production of more efficient fuels
  • Compositions of natural gas supplies for chemical syntheses
  • Corrosivity testing of crude oils
  • Detection of Hydrogen Bonding in industrial Production of Hydrogen Fluoride


  • CH4, THC, SOx, NOx, CxHy, H2, O2 in exhaust from diesel-fueled aero-turbine engines for thermochemistry
  • Burning rates of residential building materials
  • Measurement of gas releases from cannon discharges


  • SOx, NOx, CO, CO2 measurements in stack gas emissions
  • Monitoring of H2O2 levels over time during decontamination of biohazardous materials
  • Detection of leakage of CWAs from storage sites and containers
  • Analysis of the effects of traffic emissions on animal respiratory systems
  • Detection of carcinogens in tobacco smoke
  • Detection of contaminant gases (e.g. HF) released in the destruction of lithium batteries
  • Monitoring of PFC and Abatement Tool Emissions


  • Man-In-Simulant Test (MIST) testing of complete protective ensemble suits using methyl salicylate vapors that are similar to toxic chemical and biological agents
  • Kuwait military application
  • Efficiencies of catalytic metals for converting diesel fuel exhausts
  • Analysis of isotopes of heavy water and decomposition of material exposed to deuterium and tritium
  • Analysis of the atmospheric gases of Venus, such as SO2, H2O, HCl, HF, OCS, & CO in supercritical CO2 in NASA chamber that simulates temperature and pressures found in the atmosphere of Venus


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