Richard T. Meyer, Ph.D
CEO & President
Jorge  E. Perez, MSEE
COO & VP of R&D


Founded in 1994, CIC Photonics, Inc., a New Mexico corporation, (“CICP”) is a leading manufacturer of high quality, top performing gas phase chemical analyzers for the semiconductor, chemical, petroleum, environmental, and other industries. With over 240 customers worldwide since 2000, CICP has more than 290 gas analysis tools in the field. Delivering best in class technical specifications on its line of products, CICP’s primary technology is infrared optical spectroscopy instrumentation.

CICP's core competencies include:

  • Short and Long Path gas cell design, engineering and manufacturing,
  • Gas analysis instrumentation and systems integration,
  • Instrument system software development and implementation,
  • Design and engineering capabilities for one-of-a-kind solutions,
  • Manufacturing quality and operating reliability


CICP’s product line of gas analysis systems includes proprietary nickel-plated, stainless steel long path and short path gas cells for corrosive and toxic gas applications; aluminum body gas cells for general gas analysis; and the new IRGAS, SPGAS, and SpectraStream array of products for industry, environment, and government.  Read more by choosing Company Information from the menu bar or by reading more here.

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